Evan's Music

Audience enjoying a concert of Evan's music.

Audience enjoying a concert of Evan's music.


Video Links

• PBS Video documentary about Does Your House Have Lions? from their Creative Campus series (10 minutes)

For more info, please go to http://video.whyy.org/video/1227602235/

Philly Complaint Choir documentary (6 minutes):


You may stream and listen to these tracks or download and save. (Click on title to play – right click to save)

Excerpts from Does Your House Have Lions?, jazz/funk opera based on the Sonia Sanchez memoir in the form of 59 poems:

  • Brother – Male R&B vocal, funk band and orchestra
  • Sister – Female jazz ballad vocal, rhythm section and orchestra


Glacier Blue is a concerto for violin accompanied by a big jazz band.  It was a Continental Harmony commission for the Juneau (Alaska) Jazz & Classics Festival 2000 featuring violinist Linda Rosenthal.



  • Nepenthe – performed by the Del'Arte Woodwind Quintet


  • Beat – for Bucket Drum Ensemble





Underground Movements is an 8 movement piece commissioned by River North Chicago dance Company and featuring members of the Chicago Childrens Choir.  Here are some excerpts:


  • The Hawk – choir and chamber orchestra piece based on a poem by Pulitzer Prize winner Franz Wright.